ever wondered who would cry if you died?

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""There’s a storm coming, Mr. Wayne" 
Is not a line written for a movie, 
It is written for those broken and battered souls going against a war on terrorism, a war on racism
Gassing souls of the innocent because of the color of their skin 
Tell me, when did extra melanin determine if you were human or not?
We all have graveyards growing inside of us,
but that poor girl you maced, those rubber bullets scraping against a young family’s skin and the police brutality being used for reaping the innocent, made a cemetery grow within their bones. 
Don’t you dare tell me racism isn’t alive and well 
Don’t you dare tell me these people in swat team armor hiding behind masks and guns aren’t cowards 
Don’t you dare tell me the innocent souls being reaped from this earth deserve it, 

don’t you dare say light skinned people are the real ones getting attacked 
open your eyes 
and realize if you think what’s happening is a gift from God, 
I’ll be standing there, fighting those pigs, supporting the rebels 
& screaming, 
“Fuck that.” "


For Ferguson


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Doesn’t it remind you something Banksy would make?

Today we honor victims of police brutality in solidarity with Ferguson, MO. Join in the National Moment of Silence at 7:20pm tonight.
Independent investigations in Ferguson and New York are a start. But now is the time to end unnecessary and excessive force.

holy ghost

rainer ganahl, crossing the hangzhou bay bridge - contemplating with caspar david friedrich, 1774 - 1840. 2008; two channel dvd, 23 min (part I by bicycle, part II by car)



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This is one of the best fucking gifs I have ever seen